The Razor of the Week

This weeks razor is the Schick Krona. These razors are not as popular as the Gillettes. Maybe that’s a good thing because they shave great and can be found and purchased for very reasonable prices. I find mine to be a gentle shaver that is very similar to a Super speed. The long plastic handle does not slip and the weight is concentrated in the head. All in all I love my Schick. I have no issues when it comes around in the rotation.

The Krona razors were produced in the 60’s and 70’s. Mine is a 70’s era model I believe since it has the Krona name on one of the silo doors.

These things are really nice razors. Easy to use and easy to manipulate / balance in the hand. I do find myself doing multiple passes with this razor without a hint of razor burn. A very nice overall razor. If I was to put together an inexpensive kit for someone, this razor would be at the top of the list.

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