Blade flipping

Blade flipping? Wait…what?

I was taken by a discussion I recently had concerning getting more life out of a DE blade by flipping it in the razor. OK, it’s a novel idea and at first blush might seem reasonable. However, since both sides of the edge are exposed to the same amount of wear, I don’t think anything is gained.

“But there are these numbers on the blade”! Alright. I have a history in manufacturing, specifically maintenance. The only reason that I can imagine to have numbers on the blade is for maintenance. The blades are made at a high speed and sharpened by grinders. This sharpening is for all four sides of the blade. The blades are inspected using camera technology that allows an image of the edge to be seen.

If the image shows an edge or grind to be degrading, and therefore indicating the grinding wheel assembly needs to be changed, you want to change out the correct unit and not all of them. This saves money and downtime. If I know that grinder four needs swapped out, I can quickly change out just that unit. And it’s probably pre-assembled to make it even faster.

So, to any blade flippers out there…have at it, if it makes you feel better go ahead. Just be careful not to cut yourself in the process.


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