Basilica – Take 2

Since I have changed, updated, modified my method for using the Queen Charlotte Soap Shave Creams, I decided that I would go back and test the Basilica again. I melted some in my Salsa bowl and added three drops of glycerin. It lathered up well and from that aspect it was OK. It lathered better than previously, without the glycerin.

The glycerin helped with the glide issues that I have with these soaps, so that was a good thing. The lather now had the ability to go back and do a quick second pass if needed without discomfort or issue.

The new method did not change the smell issue at all. There really isn’t much. What’s there is nice, but rather fleeting.

So, all in all the addition of the glycerin makes this shaving cream more usable for me. However, the overall evaluation is the same. I’m not going to reorder. It just doesn’t float my boat.


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