Queen Charlotte Soaps – Queen Charlotte

Today I tried out Queen Charlotte. This shaving cream has a delicate rose smell to it. It’s really nice.

I used a different method for this test. I took a bit of the shaving cream out of the sample container and put it into my salsa bowl. I then heated this for a couple of seconds in the microwave to melt the shaving cream into the bottom of the salsa bowl. I then brought it back upstairs and used 3 drops of glycerin.

The lather was fantastic, it was almost yogurt thick! using this there was also a noticeable improvement in glide. I think that the glycerin addition is a plus with these creams. Anyhow, the shave was great. I could even go back over a spot without re-applying lather. This was something that I would have avoided before.

The better lather also helped with the smell. It seemed to be a little richer than some of the others. I’m now wondering if this is because of how I created the lather.

So, if you like a floral rose smell, this may be right for you. I’m ok with it. It’s nice, but I wouldn’t run out and buy some specifically for the smell. It’s just me.


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