Cremo shaving cream

I had heard about Cremo, but I had never seen it (or at least never noticed it) in the stores that I typically shop in. I happened to be in a Walgreen’s and picked up a large tube for $8. I took it home and started checking it out. First thing noticed was it had a nice orange smell. THe second thing noticed was that it seemed pretty slick when rubbed between your fingers.

The first time I used it it was fairly nice. I didn’t have my face terribly wet when I applied the Cremo, but I thought it would be OK. It worked and seemed to work well. The second time I used it I tried to lather it in a bowl. I probably used to much water, but it really lathered well. The problem was that the additional water (again probably to much) cut the lubrication value down significantly. The third time I used it I read the directions. I wet my face first, then applied the Cremo and then shaved.

This method worked great! I was really impressed. Very slick, and touch ups only needed a bit of water on the fingers rubbed in to make things slick again. I used very little of this product so a tube should last a long time. Another plus for those looking to get into using something other than the stuff in a can.

When I was last in Walmart I noticed they have a smaller tube for $4. This will probably end up in my travel kit. If I can find a suitable container, this will also be what I use in my camping gear.

Looking at their web site they have a version for women as well. Since this stuff is water activated, I can’t help but think this will work very well.

All in all, I’m highly impressed with Cremo and would recommend it on several different levels.


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