The Salsa Bowl

I was looking at a forum and there was some talk about using a Salsa bowl as a lather bowl. I happened to be in Walmart looking for some other stuff when I found myself in the Home section. There sitting on the shelf was a plastic salsa bowl, THere were three colors, yellow, orange and black. The best part? It was $1.50!!

OK, now this thing is nice. It’s about the same size of the mug that I currently use for my shaving bowl. It;s unbreakable being plastic, so that’s a plus in the bathroom when you mix water and soap into the mix. I’ve used it to make a lather and it worked really well. I was actually a bit surprised how well it worked.

I also used it in another fashion. I set the bowl in the sink and ran hot water into it. I used it to rinse my razor off with. So, what’s the big deal with this? Well, first it uses a lot less hot water. Second I don’t need to worry if I bang my razor against the side of the bowl…it’s plastic after all.

I’ve recently used it to melt a shaving soap that I am testing. This allowed a much better lather to be generated.

It was well worth the cost. If a person wanted to try out a lather and bowl method to develop a lather, this would be my suggestion for a test. It works and it’s multipurpose.


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