AnitiqueStore finds

This last weekend I was visiting one of my local antique shops. One of the things that I am always on the lookout for is old razors. Needless to say, I found a couple.

One was a cheap knockoff of a Gillette. However, it was an open comb (looks like a rake) and it seemed in reasonable condition. If it cleaned up OK, maybe it would be a camping razor. You never know. So, I picked it up for $8 and off I went further into the store.

Later on I came to a nice glass case and there was an old razor in an old case. Hmm…Well, it’s a Gem a single edge razor. I really wanted it but didn’t know if I could afford it. I didn’t know what my wife would say if I brought home another expensive razor. I hesitated for a bit, but then I folded. I couldn’t help myself. I hope she understands. Maybe she won’t ask how much it was…I’d hate to have to tell her I spent a whopping $10 on it!

Yes, it was only $10. I brought it home. Cleaned it up and took a look at it…Not to bad. I got some carbon steel blades for it and tried it out. Ok, the angle is different, but it works well. Granted it makes me feel like I have a straight razor on a stick, but it did shave well.

Not bad for a brief visit to an antique shop.


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