A new Perspective (Shaver) 2

So talking to my friend at work, I believe he is hooked! He obtained a couple of vintage Gillette razors from a family member. One is a 1940s Super Speed and the other is a 1960s flare tip Super Speed. He loaded them with some Wilkinson blades and used one on one side and one on the other. He enjoyed them both.

He is also learning that water helps. When he used plenty of water….no nicks. He did mention that he is learning to maintain the angle of his razors while he is using them. I guess I never really thought about it, but it does make sense. (I probably learned this as well, took it for granted over time and ceased to pay attention to it.)
He has ordered a bunch of stuff from West Coast Shaving and is looking forward to getting his hands on all of it.
Alright, so he got the shipment from West Coast Shaving. There were several pucks of soap, a brush, a shaving mug, some blades from various vendors and finally some Old Spice shaving cream.

We talked for a while and he was impressed with the blade that he used. Specifically he used the Gillette 7 o’clock in the yellow package. He said that there were no issues with nicks and that overall the blade seemed very smooth. I think he is getting used to the DE razor manipulation a to keep things under control.
It was his first time using a brush. He got a Vulfix 1000 for $22. He soaked it before use and commented that even after shaking and squeezing it still held a lot of water.
He put an almond size squeeze of the Old Spice shaving cream into his mug. The shaving
Cream lathered easily for him but he thought it was a little watery. However, he said that this as perfect for his use.
He had enough to do everything that he wanted to do, including touch ups.
One of the comments that was made was that the smell of the Old Spice shaving cream was great. It filled the room with that classic Old Spice smell. His wife mentioned it as well. All in all the Old Spice was a hit. This is also the experience that I have had. I have found this stuff to be fantastic. I love the smell, it’s powerful enough to linger in the room. It’s about perfect in my opinion for the smell of a shaving cream. This may be why I have issues with soaps and creams that have less smell to them.
All in all he is having fun.

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