Razor of the week

This week I have been using a Gillette slim adjustable. These were manufactured from the third quarter of 1961 through 1968. There was a standard nickel plated version as well as a gold plated “Aristocrat” version.

The adjustment system is a dial below the head. The adjustmentsnare from 1 to 9. The adjustment raises the height of the doors or silos with respect to the bottom plate. Since the safety bar is part of the bottom plate, and your skin contacts the safety bar and the silo doors, as you move the silo doors and blade higher the effect is that there is more blade exposure and the gap under the blade increases as well. This increased gap causes your skin to “push” into the gap and effectively act like even more of the blade is exposed.

I usually have me adjustables around 3 or 4. This gives me a nice shave without irritation. Now when I started this week, with a new blade mind you, I had the slim adjusted up to a 6. Needless to say this caused some irritation and on Monday I needed something gentle. I subsequently dialed it down to a 3.

i really love my adjustables. The slim has a longer handle than the classic “Fat Boy”. It is well balanced and I find myself gripping the adjustment dial during use. I would recommend that anyone wanting a decent stable of vintage Gillette razors needs to have at least one adjustable in their collection. They are fantastic razors in my opinion.


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