Queen Charlotte Soap -Esquire

I purchased a sample of Esquire from Queen Charlotte Soap, and this morning it was the go to shaving cream. The procedure was what I worked out the other day and I warmed it up in the hot water that I soaked my brush in. I did change a little bit, I help the sample jar in my hand and used the brush to get the shaving cream on the brush. It was like dealing with a mini puck of soap. It made a bit of a mess, sample jar and hands had to be cleaned up afterwards because there was soap everywhere. However, it seemed to work well. I didn’t have in-dissolved soap. So using this method, things lathered up easily and well

The glide / lubrication factor is low like the rest of the Queen Charlotte Soaps I have tried. As long as you keep things soaped up it works great but don’t try to do that quick second pass without it. Dryness, skipping, pulling and other issues may result.

Ok the unspoken question… What does it smell like? Well? Come on, tell me! ….

Sorry I can’t! There isn’t any to speak of. It wasn’t light or ethereal, it just wasn’t. Now, according to the company Esquire is a complex scent, citrus with a base of sandalwood…hmm, really? I’m thinking it’s so complex that it got bored and left the room. Really, in this first try there was nothing but a soap smell. I was disappointed to say the least since I really like sandalwood. That’s the reason that I ordered the sample.

Ok, so I’ll try it again in the future but I won’t be reordering this one unless something magically happens.


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