Ogallala Bay Rum

I have a bottle of “original” Ogallala Bay Rum. It comes in a beautiful blue bottle. I love the smell of this stuff. It’s a nice spicey aroma. It also seems to last a long time without being overbearing.

However it has a dark side, an evil side. In a very “Adam’s Family” context this stuff goes on with a light, airy and refreshing feel. Then…you slowly realize that you have just covered your face with a billion nanites. They are obviously armed with knives, staplers, cutting torches, and God only knows what else and their mission is to completely redo, through what feels like radical plastic surgery, your face.

Now this because of the astringent quality of the Witch Hazel that is used as the base for this stuff. The feel does subside. For a while though, it is a bit of a wild ride. Somewhat like getting on a bull. Initially, in the chute, things are relatively calm, then all hell breaks loose, then you find yourself on the ground and everything is calm and ok. Yeah…it’s like that!

The worst part, well at least for me, it’s addictive! I find myself reaching for that blue bottle a lot of mornings. I have a feeling I’ll always have one within reach. Maybe it’s because it’s that good…or maybe I’m just a masochist! Either way, I would recommend Ogallala Bay Rum without hesitation. But get a small bottle to start with. Just in case you don’t like the ride.

I also just realized that this post is right after I made one about needing a gentle shave. Ha!


2 thoughts on “Ogallala Bay Rum

  1. Hi, I just found your blog, which I found from your podcast (which I found from a discussion on Badger & Blade).

    I have also been enjoying a bottle of OBR. While I have certainly noticed the Witch Hazel in the mix, I didn’t think it was particularly strong. I was wondering if that might be in part because I use an alum block before applying aftershave. So, just curious, do you use an alum block?

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