A need for gentle

So yesterday I decided I wanted a really smooth shave. Not just a close shave but a smooth shave. So I lathered up and started with a brand new feather blade in the razor. Uhm…can you say razor burn? Ok, maybe I went to far but it was a really smooth shave!

So this morning, I didn’t need to further abuse my skin so I went for a gentle shave. You may think this means it’s not a close shave but no, it is a relatively smooth shave.

Ok, so how did I achieve this. Well, first I used plenty of water…hot water. I used a shaving cream that glides very well. And I used a blade that had been used once already. Sometimes this combination is what is needed to not take layers of skin off. This is shaving after all and not flaying!

Afterwords, rinse with plenty of water…cool water. Then transition this to cold water. This really does make a difference. Then relax! Finish getting ready and then apply any aftershave. Granted there might be some burn / sting from the alcohol or witch hazel but it is greatly reduced by the cold water and time delay.

Of course, you don’t have to do this. You can always scrape a layer of skin off and then immediately apply a high alcohol content after shave and scream like your a kid in an episode of “Home Alone”. I’m sure the neighbors would enjoy it!


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