A new perspective

I have a friend at work who I have talked to about Double Edge (DE) razors ever since I started using one. He expressed more than a passing interest and so I decided to help him out. I brought him a Gillette fat handle tech. This is known as a mild razor and I figured it would be a good place to start.

I also gave him a new feather blade. this is one of my favorite blades. I did warn him that the thing is “Ninja” sharp however. I also warned him that the disposables that he is used to don’t generally give problems when pressure is applied. A DE razor on the other hand is not going to behave well using pressure. It’s going to go “thug” and cut you up. We talked generally about blade angles and gaps and general DE razor design. In the end I thought he had a good basic understanding and would enjoy using a DE razor.

Keep in mind the is a person who is already familiar with wet shaving. For him the big change is the choice of razor. His main motivation is money. He told me how much he spends on the disposable razors and I was amazed. For the same money he spent on disposables I could buy blades for a couple of years. Also, he was looking for the unique experience. I have the distinct impression that, like me, he had grown bored with his shaving routine.

Talking to my friend the next day he did end up using the gillette fat handle tech. He used it after his shower which was a bit different to him because he also typically shaves in the shower.

How did it go? Well he thought it was great. He did an experiment and used foam on one side and gel on the other. He said the foam gave a closer shave than the gel. His wife noticed the same thing. The review that he gave concerning the gel was similar to my experience which I found interesting.

He is also a head shaver and he did nick himself a few times. He did comment that he didn’t know if it was due to the DE razor or the change in method.

He also made a comment that struck me, he said that after rinsing the razor with hot water, the feel of the warm metal on his face was truly luxurious. He said that just that was worth the “price of admission”.

The following day he mentioned that he only cut himself twice. He said that he had gotten distracted once. It was obvious though that there was a gleam in his eye and an excitement in his voice. I give him just a little longer before he is a full fledged convert.



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