Queen Charlotte Soap – Green Tweed Type

I am really excited today. I have finally figured out how to deal with the hardness of the Queen Charlotte Soap shaving creams. I soaked the shaving cream in the same warm water that I soaked my shaving brush in. What a difference!

This had been one of my complaints/concerns about these products. They were harder than i thought they needed to be and this limited the ability to get enough on the brush to generate a proper lather.

This go around, I put an almond size chunk in the mug and had a sliver left over when I rinsed the mug out. I’m much happier about this. Also, there was improved lubrication as well. Probably because I was finally getting a good lather!

Ok, so now that I have that figured out, what about the smell. Well, this shaving cream suffered from a common issue that I have. Very little noticeable smell to the shaving cream. I much prefer something that I don’t have to be fully awake or aware to notice. THis was not the case here. The smell is elusive.

However, when the smell was present. It was very masculine and rich. All in all I’m happy with this shaving cream. I’ll fall back on a previous statement though…if they increased the smell by a factor of X (2 in this case) I think it would be a much better product and I’d be more tempted to purchase again.


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