Queen Charlotte Soap – Fougère

So today I tried out my sample of Fougère shaving cream from Queen Charlotte Soap. I got this in one of their small samples, a concept that I really like by the way.

The shaving cream is again rather solid and almost more soap that cream. I dug an almond size chunk out and put it in the bottom of my mug. My mug has raised ridges and bumps that really speed up the creation of a lather. However, I had some difficulty with this shaving cream.

When I use shaving soap I notice a bit of muscle burn in my forearm. With other creams I have tried the lather just explodes out of my mug. This was not the case with the Queen Charlotte. I even started to get a bit of muscle burn in the right forearm. Hmmm…

Anyhow the smell was great. It reminded me of a sophisticated English Leather. I really enjoyed it, and to be fair, there was enough smell to not have to not have to search for it.

Shaving had the now known lack of glide. But no issues to speak of.

When I finished and cleaned out the mug I noticed that about half the soap had not dissolved and was sitting in a lump. Well, isn’t that nice!

Ok so at the end of the day, do I like it? I really like the smell. I am a bit disappointed about the shaving creams hardness out of the jar. I would really like this in a soap because I would know what I’m getting.

Queen Charlotte Soap does offer samples at a great price. This allows you to try them out with little investment.


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