Queen Charlotte Soap – Basilica

So yesterday evening I received my order for Queen Charlotte Soap. One of the Shaving creams that I purchased was “Basilica”. I was intrigued by the description of “Balsamic myrrh and smoky frankincense”. I opened up the box and screwed the lid off the container…took a whiff…hmm…another whiff..ah, there it is.

So this morning I tried it out. First noticeable thing was the texture, while this is listed as a shaving cream the texture is a little more firm than others I have experienced (small experience at this point). Ok, it’s no where near as hard or dry as a puck of soap but it is firm. A little more elbow grease is needed to get an appropriate amount on the brush and whip it into a lather, but it should last longer as well.

I’m still playing with the water content for a good lather but the cream did not produce the same level of “glide” for my razor as my other creams. It was ok, just less. It didn’t dry out or have any adverse feel to it, so that was good.

The smell, well that was the issue for me…there wasn’t much. Now, don’t get me wrong, when it was present it was absolutely luxurious. One of the best smells I think you could have in a shaving cream (yes I’m biased). But there wasn’t enough of it. The odor could be intensified three to four times and it would be about right. This lack of smell left me with the impression of a ladies soap trying to be more. Just sayin.

Overall, I liked this shaving cream and look forward to using it in the future. Would I buy it again? Maybe.

If they increased the smell three or four times I would have this as a regular without hesitation.

Queen Charlotte Soap does offer samples at a great price. This allows you to try them out with little investment.


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