The Challenge

In order to make a point I like to do things visually…

So let’s have a challenge ! Shaving cream vs. Shaving foam (canned) !

In this corner…                                                               …and in this corner

Image                                   Image

Ok, on with the test… so here is the layout. I placed to tissues on a piece of cardboard (the kind on the back of a pad of paper) I then put down about the same amount of each lather. This is the initial picture.


Time lapse 5 minutes later…


As you can see there is a good deal of moisture around the edges of the Shaving cream sample.

After ten minutes, here are the results…


As you can see there is water soaking around the edges of the shaving cream.

Here is the canned results.


There is a few spots of moisture on the cardboard.

Here are the results for the shaving cream. The picture doesn’t show it well but there was a depth to this moisture.


So the moral of this story is that the canned foams really don’t have much moisture in them and that this moisture really doesn’t make it to your skin. The kinds of soaps that you lather with a brush on the other hand have a good deal more moisture and it actually gets to your skin.


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