Let’s get started !!

I got decidedly bored with shaving…I had been given a present of a Trac II razor on a stand with a nice brush and shaving soap. It was a nice set. I enjoyed using it…for a while. It shaved well, but the soap wasn’t that great and was kind of a pain to get to lather.

I ended up like most…shaving was just a pain ! Every morning it was the same thing. Kind of like brushing your teeth…it was just something you did. In fact I had gotten it down to a quick and dirty science in my mind anyhow. I shaved in the shower ! I used ordinary soap and a Bic disposable. One of the thing that I noticed was that the blades seemed to last forever…

Now let me stop right here and explain. I don’t mind a razor pulling. I don’t mind shaving with cold water. (I do draw the line at dry shaving though) So for me to say a blade lasts a long time…were they dull? Yes. Did they pull? Yes. How did I compensate? As the blade gets dull you apply more pressure. Anyhow, on with the story…

So I was shaving in the shower. I was wet shaving and didn’t know it ! Everything was damp, well hydrated and the soap I was using (regular shower bar soap) was much better for my skin than the stuff in a can. It didn’t take long and since I shaved at the end of my normal shower routine my skin was well lubricated. Also, I shaved without a mirror and over the years really got to know the grain that I was dealing with. (I never did understand why you have to have a mirror by the way.)

So, what changed? Well I like Antique stores. I enjoy walking around them and looking at everything. One day I noticed a old Gillette razor on the shelf. It wasn’t much so I bought it. I brought it home and cleaned it up. Only problem at this point? No double edge blades for the razor…ok, I know no better so off to Walmart. I purchased some of the Wilkinson Sword blades. Didn’t cost much..what could possibly go wrong. I took the blades home, put one in the razor and was ready to go.

So, back to the old soap and brush. Ok, it took a while to lather and I wasn’t in the shower. But the end result was really good. Granted I was comparing this to a dull disposable. Now I’m hooked. So off to the internet I go…

Now, I’m a fan of Forums. I want to hear what end users, real people, are saying instead of commercial sites that are trying to sell me something. The best Forum that I found was “Blade & Badger”. Ok, shaving Nirvana. Lot’s of information to be had. It was a little daunting but on I went. First I looked at soaps. I knew what I had was not real good and the Wilkinson blades were working for me. I found the reviews for various shaving soaps and read a good deal. It was a lot of information so I sat back for a couple of days and digested…On my next trip to Walmart I found a shaving soap that I thought was one of the ones that I had read about and that got decent reviews. It wasn’t very expensive, so I bought it.

Looking forward to shaving the next morning. Took a shower, lathered up the brush with the new soap (and this went really well) and happily shaved with the old Gillette. This was the beginning of my journey.


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